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“After my womb blessing meditation with Maya,
I’ve felt really connected with my baby and my body. I really felt I could let go of the fear of giving birth, the guilt and control. I woke up the next morning and my contractions had started.
And I could really embrace them sort of way. I imagined a golden thread between me and my baby, that Maya had helped my visualize, which helped me to accept the pain from the labor.
I wasn’t afraid and was more than ready to bring my baby boy to this world.

My meditation with Maya has been a gift to me. A real guidance. I felt a strong connection to my baby and strength through her guidance.
14th October I gave birth to my little prince. It took me 20 hrs in labor to bring him into this world. I gotta say, the meditation I had 2 days before with Maya (the 11th) was not only magical for me, but it gave me so much courage !! Her voice was with me. It gave me the strength to bring him into this world, especially when I was about to give up. Thank you once again for your guidance, Maya. Thank you for helping me bring my son into this world.”

Maham ~ Denmark


“In the shamanic ceremony I felt many amazing sensations: When Maya guided the meditation for us to feel like we had a fire inside of us burning all our wrong beliefs about ourselves, I did feel on fire, but in a pleasant way; I felt very emotional while talking to and hugging my inner child; and the right way of breathing really lifted pressure from my body. After taking the cacao, each different music and Chi and Maya’s chants took me to different realities. And the loving, kind and sweet presence of Maya could be felt mixed with her strong healing power. In the end, I loved that all could share within the circle a bit of their experience of the ceremony, for the benefit of all involved.

So if you are in need of some healing, opening of your heart, getting in touch with your inner self , your deep mind, your own truth, and/or if you would like to experience something beautiful, magical and powerful, you should definitely try the Cacao Ceremony.

My deep gratitude to Maya and Chi.”

Helga ~ Portugal


“I attended your and Chi’s cacao ceremony here in Lisbon last week. My gratitude goes out to you both for opening the space to all of us who attended. There is much need for this work in this world, and it came to me at a big time of need. The experience was powerful, opening with a led meditation by you Maya which really helped me recenter myself back into my body, to better connect with what truly matters, right at the heart. I cried when you asked us to connect with the inner child inside, as it reminded me to fully care for and accept myself and life’s circumstances just as they are. The music unified the space as we drank cacao and laid down to go further into ourselves throughout the rest of the session. The sharing circles is one of my favourite elements to these ceremonies as it connects the group together and reminds us all that we are on this journey together. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for sharing this work and your love with the world around you. Keep loving, keep growing and stay on this path of truth. Much, much love, light and prayers to you both! Love.”

Samantha ~ Portugal


“A couples days ago I was on a gathering [Shamantic Cacao Ceremony] that I never had experience before. I came there with a mind full frenetic loud voices calling me and pull me out of the moment, a messy head trying to figure out everything.

Guided by Maya and Chi peaceful music, powerful connection, sweet love voices and the sacred medicine that were gently provided, I was capable to let my self discover the layers of my ego as a beeing and surrender into what I thought that I was looking for. I began to change <3. I am truly thankful for this profound meeting, gratitude for all that happened, gratitude for all dear friends that made their story part of that circle and that sharing, and gratitude for all the teachers that connect and guided me into this inside beautiful journey. Thank you.”

Mariana Roque Rodrigues ~ Portugal


“In those precious last days of pregnancy, I received Maya’s Womb Blessing – a powerful, yet profoundly peaceful experience.

I was able to connect deeply with my baby and feel her dancing movements in response.  With Maya’s gentle voice guiding us into the depths of our love and connectedness, we were left in faith and readiness for our birth journey together.”

Christina Webster  ~ Australia


“Ich möchte mich vom ganzen Herzen bei Dir, Maya, für die wunderbare „Womb Meditation“ via Skype bedanken! Es war ein sehr spirituelles und spezielles Erlebnis für mich und es hat mich bzw. UNS!! tief berührt. Maya, Du hast uns mitgenommen auf eine bezaubernde Reise – mit Deiner einfühlsamen Stimme und Deinem Gesang – hast wunderschöne Bilder vor meinem geistigen Auge entstehen und die Verbindung zwischen den Herzen aller beteiligten Seelen auf wunderbare Art verstärkt und aufblühen lassen.

In großer Liebe und Verbundenheit danken wir Dir.”

Moni ~ Germany


“Die Klangmeditation war für mich eine sehr erweiternde, mit Ruhe und Tiefenentspannung gefüllte Erfahrung.

Durch säubernden Salbeirauch, sphärische Klänge und wundervollen Gesang führte Maya mich in meine Innenwelt und zeigte mir eine Vorstellung meines gelösten Ichs. Das Gefühl von Befreiung und Frieden stellte sich in mir ein und Bilder erschienen vor meinen nach innen gerichteten Augen.

Besonders dankbar bin ich Maya auch für das abschließende Gespräch, indem sie mir eine einfache Aufgabe mit auf den Weg gab, um mich weiterhin damit zu beschäftigen zu mir selbst zu finden.

Ich fühle mich von Maya nicht nur gesehen, sondern erkannt.

YDanke Maya, du bist eine wahre Seherin und Heilerin für mich.”

Gesa Müller ~ Germany


“When I first got here, I was so sad and a lot of emotion where going on inside of me.

In the meditation journey, I became a little child again and met my Mom, this give a chance to heal a broken relationship between my Mom and me in total.

I loved Your healing hands placed on my body to bring back some balance and color. The best part was the baby part, because I´m pregnant. It helps to get rid of a lot of fear “Will I be a good mother?” staff like that.

After the journey I was relaxed and I felt big relieve. Thank you for the special and peaceful experience.

All Love and light to You.”

Gina ~ Berlin


“Thank you very much for the womb healing meditation. You are working with so much love and your healing powers and your genuine female energy are very sanatory. It allowed me to reconnect to my own female energy and embrace it. I was somehow cut off from it for so many years. It feels so good and as if I came home. It seems that it needed an other woman’s energy to open it up. The day after the meditation my period (which I did not have for about one year) came again.  It gave me reason to celebrate. Thank you so much!”

Bärbel ~ Austria