Skype Guided Meditation

What is Womb Tree Guided Meditation?

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Flowing with the Elements ~ December 2017 Womb Tree guided meditation

6th, Dec ~ Earth in me

13th, Dec ~ Sacred Water

20th, Dec ~ Fire passion

27th, Dec ~ Breath of life

We will meet wherever You are via Skype. We start at 21:00 – 22:00 Germany Time zone. I suggest You prepare Yourself half an hour before our gathering by being quiet and try not to have a super full stomach before meditation.

What do I need?

  • Provide Yourself a safe space to be without distraction for the whole time we enter the meditation realm together.
  • Comfortable clothes to wear.
  • You can set a little Altar besides You by offering flowers, leaves, water….etc anything that feels right to You.
  • A notebook to journal right after the meditation

How much does it cost?

60min/ session/ 15€

4 sessions/ 50€

How can I register?

You can either transfer the money via PayPal to please note “For Friends & Family”

You can also transfer via Bank account

Matinee Imchum
IBAN: DE41 5235 0005 0001 0967 00


After I received Your contribution, I will send You a confirmation email with my Skype account name.

For more questions, please contact me.


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“After my womb blessing meditation with Maya,
I’ve felt really connected with my baby and my body. I really felt I could let go of the fear of giving birth, the guilt and control. I woke up the next morning and my contractions had started.
And I could really embrace them sort of way.

I imagined a golden  thread between me and my baby, that Maya had helped my visualize, which helped me to accept the pain from the labor.
I wasn’t afraid and was more than ready to bring my baby boy to this world.

My meditation with Maya has been a gift to me. A real guidance. I felt a strong connection to my baby and strength through her guidance.
14th October I gave birth to my little prince. It took me 20 hrs in labor to bring him into this world. I gotta say, the meditation I had 2 days before with Maya (the 11th) was not only magical for me, but it gave me so much courage !! Her voice was with me. It gave me the strength to bring him into this world, especially when I was about to give up. Thank you once again for your guidance, Maya. Thank you for helping me bring my son into this world.”

Maham ~ Denmark

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