I am beautiful ~ 30 days journey

Dear Sisters,
I am beautiful ~ 30 days journey is a self-healing program that I am offering You in a limited space.
In this program, You will discover Your true power and learn how to apply it in Your life.
This is a private consultation with me via video, voice record, email support in the area of Your life that You feel is lacking.
It is a whole month (3o days) journey, which includes
  • 2 private Skype sessions of 45-minutes per session. First when we start the journey and the second in the last week of the journey.
  • The fresh weekly video responding to the work we do as well as sharing what is going on in real life and how I handle it.
  • Supporting You to find Your hidden gift and the passion for living.
  • Mindful practice that can apply in everyday life.
  • Beautiful rituals to help You connect with Your higher self.
  • Meditation methods that work.
  • Tips for a healthy relationship with Yourself and those around You.
  • How to really let go of the past through mindful living discipline.
  • The inspiration quote, the poem that I wrote myself or from other that inspired me.
  • Email support through the month. Answer questions that You have.
  • And more…….
If You feel the calling to make this important step to live the life You wish. You can click here for more info and sign up.