Women’s circle

What is a women’s circle?

Women’s circle is a gathering of the sisters to share their truth, emotions, the current situation. And to be open to receive the support from other sisters and allow herself to be loved and nourish by the sisters in the circle. We come together to raise our consciousness and to empower one another. To collaborate our gift and shed away the old belief of the competitive mind game.

“In order to heal the sexual abuse in our lineage, and the destructive belief of who we are, we must realize the power of the present moment and the power of sisterhood. When sisters collaborate, and support one another to see her true beauty that shine from within, we are helping each other to open our heart, mind, eyes to see beyond the imperfection of the physical realm and learn to work with the gift that each of us born with. We learn to live our full potential, learn to share our gift, our love, our wisdom. We learn that the power isn’t coming from manipulating other to believe the same thing that we do, rather to live our joyful life as an example.

It is not about living a perfect life, but learn to handle life in the loving way. Knowing that everything happens for You and not to You! Life has its own reason to bring You some difficulties so that You can learn from it and find the way to go through it. The most important thing is: never take anything too serious. Enjoy every bit of it and allow the moment to move on.

We are the creator, healing is our birthright. And when we come together, we shift the whole perspective of being a WOMAN!” ~ Maya

Photos credit: Tatyana Kronbichler