Womb tree meditation

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What is womb tree meditation?

It is the guided meditation, which guided You to go deep with Your breath and to connect with Your womb. By listening to Your own breath and the channeling messages from moment to moment allows You to abandon the outside world and reconnect with Your body. Very often, women senses the similar sensation of trance state through such deep guided meditation. Although, this sensation happens, when You surrender to the moment and open to receive the new information, and allow the purification to enter through the vibration of sounds, chants, words, which allows You to travel back BUT NOT TO UNDO THE PAST, rather finding the strength to accept what has happened and allow the healing, the light to energetically cleanse the sexual abuse childhood blueprint, birth trauma, as well as letting go the unwanted sexual energy inside the womb. 

In an urban society, a lot of women are experiencing emotional swing without knowing what causes such dis-ease. After the session of womb tree meditation, women felt tremendous different in their bodies. They feel much love and gratitude toward being a woman. They are able to FORGIVE those who have hurt them, forgive the situation, the past that causes the suffering, and most of all they are able to forgive themselves and move on.

What is Trance state?

Trance state is a natural state of consciousness or awareness other than normal waking consciousness. Trance states may occur involuntarily and unbidden.

The term trance may be associated with hypnosis, meditation, magic, flow, and prayer. It may also be related to the earlier generic term, altered states of consciousness

Do You need to take anything to be able to enter such state?

No, You don’t need to take any kind of substance to be able to step into such state. The moment You make a decision to go deep inside Your physical body and spiritual body, You can enter into this realm, and with the support of the guided meditation, sounds, chants.

Who can participate in this type of meditation?

I’m offering the womb tree meditation for all female. It can be practiced in a group/circle or private session. I offer a womb blessing for all states of pregnancy. Womb healing for birth trauma and sexual abuse/violence.

When You make the step toward such deep healing, it is not only purifying the womb, but all aspects in Your life. Everything is connected. Many times, women experience unhealthy relationship ended after the work with the womb. As well as the change in their work space and relationship with people in their lives.

When You awaken the power within, the dis-ease, dis-balance in Your life needs to fall apart in order to find it way back again in harmony.

~ Maya

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