Medicine Sisters Retreat


Journey into Divine love within

19th – 22th, October 2017

With Maya EarthSky, Suyana & Ana Hata


For sisters of any age who are willing to let go of their old limitations and truly embrace her full potential. For all women who are ready to love and embrace themselves fully. For those, who want to treasure their own gifts and wish to leave a positive imprint in the world. For You, when You feel the call to embody Your strength, authenticity and beauty. To remember Your truth and to join hands together to guard and heal mother earth and to realize Your magnificence and the MIRACLE being that YOU ARE!



This retreat is an invitation to come home to Yourself, to Your loving, powerful and creative essence. We are gathering in a circle to uncover, embrace and transform old patterns that prevent us from shining our light. We are opening up a safe space to connect in all honesty with our sisters as one loving family/tribe. We are gathering as guardians of the earth. We consciously connect to Mother Earth to be of service to the collective process of transformation for ourselves, our families, our children and future generations.

We are inviting you to remember the special gift that You are and to weave a healing web of light around the earth. Singing, dancing and with shining hearts – we truly are the ones that we have been waiting for.

We are offering You tools that can be applied to Your daily life. We encourage You to see that healing is possible. It is Your responsibility to step up and fully take charge of Your life.

The focus of the retreat is on concentrated, deep yet joyful transformational work.



Thursday – COMING HOME   

  • 15.00    Opening Circle – Earth Ritual
  • 18.30     Dinner – Mindful Eating
  • 20.00    Retreat Structure & Questions
  • 20.30    Opening Circle with sharing, opening the heart and the reason of joining the retreat, intention.

Noble Silence


  • 8.00    Yoga * Ana Hata
  • 10.00    Delightful Brunch
  • 13.00    “She Light” inner & voice work * Suyana
  • 17.30    Light mindful Dinner
  • 20.00     Cacao ceremony connect with the energy of the New Moon * Maya
  • 24.00     Noble Silence


  • 8.00    Silent Meditation * Ana Hata
  • 9.00    Mindful Breakfast
  • 10.30    Walking Meditation, Vision sharing, Water Ritual * Maya
  • 13.00     Mindful Lunch
  • 15.00    Nourishing bodywork * Ana Hata
  • 19.00    Dinner
  • 20.30    Singing Circle & Sharing songs * Suyana


  • 8.00    Flower tea meditation * Maya
  • 9.30    Mindful Breakfast
  • 10.00    Activation voice & body * Suyana
  • 10.30    Sharing
  • 13.00    Mindful Lunch
  • 15.00    Thai mediation dance * Maya
  • 16.30    Closing the circle / Flower mandala
  • 17.00     End of the Retreat


We are practicing Noble Silence between the shared evenings and the first 20 minutes of our breakfast. Noble Silence is a deep spiritual mindfulness practice from the Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. It is helping us to calm the mind, stay centered in ourselves and dive deeper into our experience of the present moment and the process of transformation.


We are taking the time to enjoy the first 20 minutes of every meal in silence and mindfulness. In this way eating becomes a sensual spiritual practice that is nourishing and relaxing ourselves and connecting us deeply to the earth.


The beloved husbands of Maya and Ana Hata will care for us with delicious and nourishing meals.

All meals will be organic, vegan and gluten free.



Cacao is a powerful medicine, yet it´s gentle and soothing the heart. In meditation practice, cacao has a lot to do with the heart Chakra. It supports the healing process, it helps to clear the emotional blockages as well as stimulate the joy within.

When cacao prepared with the prayer and intention to connect with the essence of love, together with the high quality of the beans and high doses, it has an effect on the physical level and slowly relaxing the mind and allow the heart to take back its voices.

Cacao ceremony is the medium between the physical body and the essence of love within. It helps us to communicate with ourselves on a deeper level, yet it has no hallucination in the mind. Rather, bring back the clarity and soberness to oneself. It helps to see life with the eyes of love and compassion for oneself and others.

For more info here


“Nestwerk” is a healing center, surrounded by nature in the center of Germany near a small town called Eschwege. The accommodation is very simple and communal in a cozy house surrounded by a big beautiful garden. There is a forest and a mystic source pond nearby.

The address is:

Im Oberland 22, 37269


The next train station is called “Eschwege Niederhone” – we are offering to pick you up from the train station if you tell us at least one day before.


Early Bird:     414,00€  until 1st of Oktober

Normal Price:     450,00€  after 1st of October

Accommodation and all meals are included (bio/vegan/gluten free)

For any questions and registration please contact


Maya, Suyana and Ana Hata have been walking their healing journeys for many years. What is connecting us is our medicine work and our deep unconditional love for the earth. We will support You on Your journey with all our knowledge, love, experience and dedication.

MAYA  (originally from Thailand) – Maya is an intuitive healer, a medicine woman. Maya shares her medicine through her empowerment speech on the topic of “Self -love, How to fall in love with Oneself, The unconditional love”. Maya holds the Shamanic guided meditation, women´s circle and different plant medicine ceremonies. In the past 7 years, Maya has held several ceremonies in Asia, and in Europe such… Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal. She creates a safe space for women & men and support them to heal themselves. She offers retreats, ceremonies, classes, workshops both in-person and online.

SUYANA (born in Belgium, based in Vienna) – Healer, musician, medicine woman, sister

Suyana has been relentlessly following the calling of her heart that brought her to travel all across the globe for many years, paving her path step by step to find a way to live her full potential and highest purpose. Inspired to assist sisters and brothers on their healing journeys, coming home to each one’s own unique calling. Sounds of the soul, singing circles, soundhealing, opening of the voice and women’s circles have been tools she has been using to share this passion.

ANA HATA (Germany) – Yogateacher, physical therapist, musician und passionate mother of two daughters. Ana Hata is deeply rooted in the mindfulness practice of Thich Nhat Hanh since her childhood and strted studying Yoga at the age of 16. She is using the full spectrum of her professional knowledge and her creative gifts to support mainly women in unfolding their beauty and stepping into freedom. She is the owner of a yoga school in Eschwege and offering retreats, concerts and singing circles in Germany.

Image credit: Caroline Maniere