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“To live in our full potential it is not a dream, but a mission that we all need to pursuit!”

What does it mean, living in full potential?

It’s simply meant, living a joyous life less worry , less fear. Until we come to realize that worry and fear is the useless energy, emotion, then we can just let it all go and finally live without it.

What do You define JOY?

Joy is a state of being and nothing to do with materialism. Although, living in joy, bring abundance of happiness to our lives and to those around us. The joyful being, it’s a gift of the Earth, for she/he brings love, inspiration everywhere they enter.

“Living Joyous life, it’s to be in love with life itself.

Everything is perfect the way it is. Seeing the difficulty with the eyes of trust that there is the answer, solution for it. Accepting what cause pain, suffering and able to recognize the blessing in it and allow it to pass. Loving without expecting anything in return, rather concentrate on giving, knowing that in-haling needs ex-haling and everything is taking care by the power that greater than You, in YOU!

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~ Maya

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