“I believe, the unconditional love starts from Oneself!

My way of healing is to support You to see the beauty of who You really are.

To embrace Your flaws and transform them into the uniqueness

as what they are always meant to be.

My mission in this lifetime is to support You to see, discover Your true self

and understand how sacred it is to be You.”


I created this space to share with You, my truth, my love, my story, my passion for living on this Earth. I encourage You to live wild and free. Hold my hand and jump into the unknown, the beauty, the flux of imperfection and swim with the current of change to find Yourself totally naked from the old beliefs and patterns of the past.

Let fall in love with Yourself, with life! Falling so deep that the deepness will no longer exist!

I am here to remind You, how wonderful You are and everything that has happened in Your life has no power over You.

I want to show You my beautiful scars that the wounds have left behind.
I want to look into those eyes of Yours and tell You the truth of what I see in You.

I see LOVE! Because love is what YOU ARE!

Maya originally from Thailand, she experiences her first meditation at the age of 5 and started the Yoga session at the age of 7 in the Temple school. It was an important start for her to later on able to return home.

Maya breaks through the traditional method of healing that she learned in the Dharma temple school and embraced her own unique way of healing that life has taught and continuing to teach her through the life experiences. The journey ceases to end, which lead to more lessons to unfold and the path of self-rediscovering carry on.

Since 2010, Maya has opened herself to serve the Divine Love by sharing her self-healing, self-love journey in a form of communication, mediation, yoga, dance. Therefore, she has no degree on society aspect. However, Maya is known in the East and the West through her ultimate connection with the Divine love that work through her. Maya sees herself as a bridge to connect the heart and the mind, yet she is a student and only the server to the Universal power to bring and share the tools that has worked for her.

Maya is a motivational speakers. Her authentic way of communication has open up the door to many hearts out there. Through the trust and safe space she creates, it allows others to reflect the situation, life and thyself, and from that moment on the dicision to live free of fear burst in them naturally.

  Maya speaks on the topic of self-love and the power of the unconditional love in the Sacred Island gathering, in the Netherlands on 2015 and 2016.

Maya is a space holder, she offers guided meditation, Cacao Ceremony, Flower Ceremony, Women´s circle and teach women across the globe the art of weaving through her crochet art under the name MayaLunaCorazon

“I believe in love! Love is my teacher and only through the eyes of love, I see others the way I see myself.” ~ Maya